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Daisy In Cement: Before and After

As some of you may already know, I was recently published in an anthology by Transgress Press. Love Always is a collection of short works by the partners of trans folks about the challenges, triumphs, and romance of these relationships. This blog post is meant to shed light on why I originally wrote the piece, deciding to get…

Everyday Queer Sex For All (a radical zine)

As a final project for my graduate Queer Theories class I was challenged create a multi-genre queer praxis (fancy pancy word for putting theory into everyday practice) by creating something that could circulate thus dispersing discourse. For my project I decided to make my first solo zine. I had been part of a collaborative zine prior…

Highest Form of Morality

“I will not cease to be myself for foolish people. For foolish people make harsh judgements on me. You must always be yourself, no matter what the price, it is the highest form of morality” – Candy Darling #candydarling#lgbt#queer#transgender