About ME

In a nutshell: I am a coffee drinking, tattooed, queer feminist with a deep love of unicorns, and hedgehogs wearing hats


The  name is Amber, an odd compromise between my Mom’s deep desire to name me poinsettia, and my Dad’s insistence on naming me Roscoe Blue after camera gel. I am as fierce as city pigeon with eyes that literally sparkle when someone brings up politics, queer theory, or the general disaster we call our health care system. I grew up in a conservative suburban pocket nestled on the outskirts of Los Angeles. Although my surroundings mimicked the Stepford community, my childhood was anything but typical. My childhood home was adorned in 50s horror movie posters, monster claws, and life size dinosaur sculptures. I spent weekends as a sidekick to my parents wandering through vintage shops, hole-in-the-wall theaters, and art museums. My Dad still can’t figure out where I got my radical politics from…… I think he needs to do some self-evaluation.

 I just recently graduated with my Master of Public Health and minor in Queer Studies. Academically, I tend to  gravitate towards topics of sexual health and pleasure with a focus on LGBTQ+ people. Ultimately, I would love to get my PhD in Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and spend my life teaching and writing about feminist and queer theory.

Respectability politics are not my cup of tea.  With that being said, I write earnestly about topics that transcend boundaries we are told to life our lives within, addressing sex, power, and pleasure head-on.


I am previously published in

Love Always: Partners of Trans People on Intimacy, Challenge, Resilience

buy your copy here

and/or read my review here

I don’t bite without consent so If you have any questions, just ask I am an open book with too much to say.


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